Strategy & Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Do you know what your competitors are doing online? Competitor analysis is an important part of the strategic planning process. We will analyse their online activity, strengths and weaknesses to help you differentiate your products and services to create a compelling competitive advantage.

Web Traffic Analysis

How do you measure success? Well, we recommend industry metrics. Engage understands that marketing activity must be measurable. Otherwise, how do you know when your campaigns have been successful? Thankfully industry pioneers WebTrends, DeepMetrix, Google Analytics et al have made it remarkably easy.

Online Strategy

Once we understand your business goals we will identify the best methods for targeting and engaging your selected audience, plan and schedule activity so that it is integrated with offline activity for maximum effect.

Content Strategy

Every business needs a content strategy. Your content is your brand, it determines whether visitors go or stay, it makes customers come back and represents a valuable revenue stream. A sound content strategy will plan and schedule your messages, identify key contributors and establish content and house style guidelines. Businesses with a clear strategy are more likely to meet their goals and are less likely to miss opportunities, waste time or sabotage their own efforts. Have you thought about yours?

Online Marketing

Email Marketing

Email is a significant communication medium. It offers immediacy, targeting, accountability, and is relatively cheap. From customer acquisition, retention and extension, there is a strategy to fit every goal.

A successful email marketing strategy will embrace

  • Outbound and inbound email
  • CRM
  • Sponsored content
  • Paid advertising within emails
  • Signature files for internal and external marketing

Clients can choose between the flexibility and independence of a self managed Pay-As-You-Go service or a fully managed solution. Statistics are available in real time making campaign measurement a cinch.

Client Login

We only recommend permission based email marketing practices.

Search Advertising

Search advertising places your ads in front of customers just as they’re searching online for your services. With low or zero set up costs, it’s an affordable way to advertise and you pay only when customers click on your ad.

  • Target customers by location
  • Choose text, image, video or local business ads
  • Place keyword or site targeted ads
  • Choose when your ads are displayed, e.g. weekdays only
  • Control how much you spend

After analysing your campaign message and identifying your target audience engage will prepare, place and manage your ads.

Link and Social Book Marking Campaigns

Link and social book marking campaigns will help you get noticed by search engines and are a low cost way of generating traffic to your website. Engage follows a structured approach to getting as many links as possible from other related high page ranking websites. Methods of getting links include:

  • Reciprocal links
  • PR content mentions
  • Social & Business networking sites
  • Affiliates
  • Sponsorship
  • Banner advertising
  • Price comparison portals
  • Industry Directories & Portals

Affiliate Marketing

For a small fee per lead or sale, affiliate marketing can vastly increase your sales and marketing reach. It can help new businesses penetrate the market quickly.

Whether you want to engage an affiliate merchant or set up your own program, we put you in touch with the best merchants and most prolific affiliates or give you the tools to it yourself.

Online PR

Reputation Monitoring

Are you being talked about online? Engage use the latest reputation monitoring tools to listen in on the conversation. You can use them to monitor your brand, products, key employees, competitors. Nip the bad PR in the bud and celebrate the good stuff.

Press Release Distribution

Have you got a story to tell? Engage can optimise and distribute your press releases online directly to editors and the major search engines.

If it needs to be told urgently, we will place links to it though discussion forums, blogs and sponsored ads.


Do you have a viral email or game you want the world to see? Talk to engage about seeding and watch it grow.

Corporate Blogging

Corporate blogging can be used to show the personality of your brand, your expertise, give your customers insight into your business, attract and retain employees.

But it takes time and commitment, and as its your brand you're going to be talking about, it needs to be planned. Engage can help you identify key contributors and establish guidelines for style and tone.

Social Networking

Social networking is not just something the kids do. The incredible popularity of Myspace, Facebook and Bebo can present opportunities for getting in touch with your customer base, campaigning and even employee teambuilding. Don't forget the business networks. You can meet potential suppliers, customers, partners, and promote your expertise.